Laboratory Equipment Relocation

At Saaya Mover and Packers, we have a team, experts highly skilled & experienced in relocating lab equipment, to the tiny scalp through moving large freezers. We ensure our best practices to maintain the safety of the equipment. So, there would not be a single chance of any misplace or damage.

We are experienced in the relocation of a wide range of specialized items, including but not limited to:

  • Medical laboratory equipment
  • Scientific laboratory equipment
  • Dental laboratory equipment
  • Hospital laboratory equipment
  • Microbiology laboratory equipment
  • Chemistry laboratory equipment
  • Forensic laboratory equipment
  • Mass spec relocation

Before we begin relocating laboratory equipment, all equipment is personally identified by our experts and asset data, including serial numbers, and then put a labeled to ensure it can be located quickly and easily at its destination.

High value, precious or delicate equipment, and instrumentation are protected in anti-static wrapping and then separately packed into individual cases, which is aligned with heavy-duty foam supports and surrounds that help to absorb sudden pressure during transportation.

We ensure to protect the laboratory prior to loading and unload to avoid any damage to the sideways/ fabrics of the building. Floors, walls, windows, and doorways are covered with protective materials which are applied subject to authorization and aligned with any air-lock requirements. Protective coatings are removed and then taken for incineration after use.

After your move is complete, packing crates are also removed and then disposed of sustainably.